Untitled Prose Poem for dVerse Poets Pub

In my prime, I had a whole grove of houseplants, and kept a cat. Now I am petless and plantless and I let the spiders cobweb the corners. I used to eat rice and tofu, seafood soups and ginseng chicken. Look how this past eight years of eating American weighs upon me. I take on pounds like a tree growing rings, by about a pound a month it seems.

At thirty, I rode my motorcycle to the airport and caught a jet to Venice. Mid-forties now, I am a lone cow in a long, narrow pasture – with shelter at one end, and food at the other. Locked into a subsistence wage by conditions and circumstances beyond my control, I move sedately from one comfortable chair to another, in which to hunch over these keys.



    • there was a type of creature which clung to the rocks in the swift current at the bottom of a river. one day they saw a creature looking just like them but flying through the waters above! How are you doing that?! they cried, and the answer came back JUST LET GO


  1. impressive the easy mix of humour with wry perspective – fabulous analogy of tree rings and weight gain – cow in a narrow pasture. A Spring clean might just give the impetus for change – though the spiders will complain

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  2. Time for a new interest …. anything….painting, a yoga class, book club …. anything. When I feel overcome with ennui, I always look for some new interest to jump start my muse! I hope you find that something! Well written, by the way.

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  3. Life sometimes binds us in to that long narrow pasture. Sometimes we bind ourselves in, at ease with the strange comfort of it. Now and again I open the gate and let myself out but generally return there…I think this happy apathy contributes to my tree rings…
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

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