‘Perfume’ for Imaginary Garden w/ Real Toads

Meeting Dominic at the wine tasting was quite literally the first time being with someone who knew me more than in passing in over a month. Being around people who’ve known you for some time is v. anchoring. Going some weeks without contact with anyone you know is… anchors away!

There was a woman there, at the wine tasting, who radiated heat. She walked by me twice and not so close as you might think, and I positively felt the heat beaming off her.

Dominic had come with an older French woman, and her perfume had dark undertones.

It was “I might poison you” perfume.

In from the tv snow static of homelessness to this

Wine-sipping soiree here, where – it’s you, Dom!

And suddenly I am me again.

But your date wears dangeresque perfume

And the art is making me sweat

Still yet I’ll raise a flute

I’ve been bedding down by a rock under a tree

In blankets stashed there in garbage bags

And it’s damn sure fire good to see you Dom.

Here’s to my beat bones on your apartment floor

For a few nights anyway, what do you say?

Take me for a spin in the black Malibu after this

Crank the tunes til I can’t hear

The voices for a while.



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