rain falls on her like she falls
on the pills, killer whale swallowing
her to the floor

on the edge of the bed, head
in hands in red bra and black stretch pants

she’s in the bathroom with wet hands

she’s asleep in the tub

and she’s flailing at him
as she searches her closet frantically

and she’s dressed in his clothes
going berserk while serving guests

until finally the garden
the kiss and the shove

battling herself up the stairs

surrendering again to the floor


IGWRT Button rsz



  1. Oops, she’s hit bottom again. You told it well. I can empathize with her, flying high for a couple-three-or-fout hours if she is lucky. Then down like the Dickens for a long bit and then time for another. Her bod needs it bad.
    I am addicted to opiods and still actually look forward to another ‘legal’ go around. I haven’t touched my stash for a long time. But when I was I played the meanest table games, was very clever, and a driver fiom Hades. Except at the stop signals. I’d go on red, sleep while waiting for a green, and worse. Not unsafe though, my inner self and a guardian angel kept me safe.


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