Hey, how are you? Are you free? Do you wanna hang out with me?

You think the old treehouse is safe? Why don’t we go and see?

Well, what do you think? These floorboards gonna give? Well how you like that?

Who would have thought they’d hold anything heavier than a cat?

Who built this place? How long ago?

How should a couple kids like us know?

Well, now that we’re here, what we gonna do?

How shall we while away this afternoon?

Wanna try to make slingshots and shoot some birds?

Or what if we just start with What’s the Word?

How about it? Remember how to play?

You do? I go first? What do you say?

Ready? Ok, how is a woman like a bridge? Slippery when…?

What? Too easy? Do I get to go again?

Wait, why are you leaving? Why are you mad?

Are you going to tell your mom and dad?

Do you know what’ll happen if they tell my folks!?

Haven’t you heard of dirty jokes?

Will you at least let me do one more?

How ’bout this: These boots were made for…?

Wow, how’d you know? Where did you hear it, though?

Since when do you listen to the radio?

Alright, you got one for me? No? Why not?

Why don’t you just give it a shot?

So what if it’s dumb? You got a better game?

What’s that? Pretend what? Pretend airplane?!

Are you kidding me? You’re joking, right?

Haha remember we used to dogfight?

Like ratatata pow pow pow?

Don’t you think we’re too old now?

Look, what about rock, paper, scissors?

Two out of three? Loser eats a chicken gizzard?

Think we could play it with our feet?

What do you mean I always cheat?

Who died and made you the umpire?

Shall I bow down before you, sire?

Leaving again, milord? Can’t you see I’m just kidding?

Can’t take a little gentle ribbing?

Think I’ll cry if you go on home?

What you gonna do over there all alone?

Aw why not stay? C’mon, please?

What do you mean I cutted the cheese?

Is there a rule against passing gas?

What if I told you kiss my ass?

Why you gotta be such a goddamn stiff?

Did i say it? Or just what if?

What the hell’s wrong with a little cussing?

Did anybody ever tell you you’re a wussy?

Did I say it? Or just did they ever?

Say, do you think I could come over?

You all got anything in the ‘frigerator?

Why you running? We cool? See you later!?



  1. I went back and re-read it and I think I understood it better. I am not sure that this is the voice of reason though. I suspect that with this play date-the mother in me would declare….”Someone’s gonna get hurt…”


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