A Poem to a Book

I met you in an airport

Feels like a few lifetimes ago

Where I was flying to or from

I no longer even know

I thought you something light

Just to pass the time

Little did I reckon on

The quirky depth that I would find

Back at the ivory tower

How surprised they looked

When I built my honors thesis

Around such a book

But against academic odds

The thesis was a success

And I thank the man who wrote you

In peace may he rest

I’ve heartily recommended you

To friends through the years passing

Who have thanked me and said

You left them laughing

In the course of many re-readings

You’ve become quite familiar

But by a magic all your own

You remain somehow peculiar

A Confederacy of Dunces

You’re my main literary squeeze

You are the cat’s pyjamas

You are the bee’s knees

Try as I might I’ll never write one as fine as you

So in your hilarious honor I’ll end this little tribute

With a fond tongue raspberry

And a one-finger salute

IGWRT Button rsz




  1. Oh, thank you! This book has been tempting me for a long time but I have resisted. You have just overwhelmingly persuaded me I should surrender and enjoy!

    Liked by 1 person

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