Here are some ‘possible typos’ that Kindle Direct Publishing identified in
When I’d stumbled blinking out of the woods, around the bigtop and down the lane to the cave-houses, I found my two mothers sitting in the front yard on either side of my desk, upon which they were taking tea.

The meeting-room became a birdfight

As soon as he closes the door behind him, I run to his shed weaponry and grab it up and run on to the meadow, where I drop the breastplate and holstered belt on the dinnertable in the bigtop.
Soon she had so much work taken in to do for folks that what with going to the big, clean houses to perform services inbetweentimes and attending in good turn to the day’s worth of all the waiting piecemeal work filling their modest house, Guri was too busy to make a baby.
They would live in two wagons, he, Guri’s friend and she, with Donus, Florian, Beatus and their wives ensconced in well-appointed showtent quarters.
Guri was half-accused of masterminding a clash of the classes by a tradesheet gossiper – always taken with a grain of salt, but a swayer of public opinion all the same.
She indignantly told the story of the tradesheet gossip who had accused her of fomenting class conflict.
When Noc pronounced that the show with my uncles was on, the rest of the room uproared



  1. Isn’t this the problem when you start thinking for yourself? You need words that nobody else ever uses, and certainly aren’t to be found in the dictionary.

    The word ‘dinnertable’ is perhaps the equivalent of my own favourite non-dictionary word, ‘thankyou’.

    I don’t know why they’re not in the dictionary, given the number of truly arcane words that are in the good ol’ OED…

    ‘Uproared’ is a new one on me: but in this you are becoming more European. They add ‘be-‘ ‘ver-‘ ‘de-‘ ‘en-‘ and ‘ent-‘ and more to verbs to show if they are active, used, brought to or taken from accordingly. You see, someone has thought of these things before, but not in the hallowed halls of Merriam Webster…

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