Utt Totally Interviewed by Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen’s questions, from one of my favorite of his songs, Did I Ever Love You

Leonard Cohen asks and I reply:

Did I ever love you?      Did I ever!
Did I ever need you?     Like forever. 
Did I ever fight you?     Stormy weather.
Did I ever want to?        Don’t be clever.

Did I ever leave you?     You know that I did.
Was I ever able?              Still hurts so good.
Or are we still leaning   I’ll put in a bid.
Across the old table?      Will fork for wood!

The lemon tree blossoms.     The lemons they grow.
The almond tree withers.       It is always so.  
And is it still raining                 Do you happen to know?
Back in November?                    Not finished though…


Cribbed the concept for this post from



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