#SoCS is ‘project’ this week

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“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “project.” Use it as a verb, a noun, or both. Have fun!” – Linda Hill

Alright now – from the diaphragm!

Really need to project your voice when onstage sometimes.

Ever come across any of the tongue- and lip-limbering exercises actors sometimes do before performing? One I remember is “red leather yellow leather red leather yellow leather…”

For a while, as an undergrad, I worked in an operahouse, in the props department. I did not handle too many prop projects though. The prop master kept all the detailed work to himself. I did get paid to saw several boxes of books in half, in order to make a bookcase that looked normal, but was actually only a few inches deep, and so could be flown away into the rigging more easily. Destroying literature filled me with perverse, savage glee.

Under the operahouse was an enormous basement called the pit where the props and stagedressings of dozens of past operas were stacked under piles of dust. I would clock-in, go down into the pit and nap on a divan. Wake up sneezing. It was a dog’s life.






  1. That was a fun post.

    Destroying literature filled me with perverse, savage glee.

    Those books would only have been pulped anyway… I find it incredible that some books find publishers at all, leave alone put to a production run. But that’s modern publishing for you… 😉

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