Utt Not Really Interviewed By WordPress


WP: The place where you felt happiest or safest.

Utt: Underwater.

WP: Did you ever return to that place as an adult? If so, was the magic still there?

Utt: I have not been underwater in years. Last I did, though, it was just like home. Excuse me while I draw a deep bath.

WP: If you had a time machine and could go back to any place, at any time in your life, where would it be? 

Utt: I would go back to driftwood beachfires, nightswims and laughs.

WP: An antiquated item like a pay phone you had to dial, penny candy, or your Charlie’s Angels lunch box… Did you have a talisman? Was there an object in your childhood home that brings up emotion for you when you think of it?

Utt: I had Manhattan transit tokens in a little pirate’s chest jewelry box. I intended to use them.

WP: Is there something you wish you could get your hands on now…but isn’t manufactured or attainable anymore?

Utt: Fountain of Youth? El Dorado? Passionate desire?

WP: A food that reminds you of your youth, of a relationship you had, or of a major event in your past?

Utt: Pasta with ground beef in the marinara. 

WP: Have you eaten it since then, or was it a once-in-a-lifetime experience? Relive it, improve upon it, or recall a memorable meal.

Utt: Last I had it, I’d just an hour before arrived in Indiana upon driving solo from Alaska in a pickup truck. I bit the fork and chipped a tooth it so hit the spot. 

WP: What you thought you were going to be when you grew up… Did you know what work you’d do as an adult? If so, was it because it was your family business, or because it would get you out of your hometown, or because you’d be able to change the world? What happened…did your dream become a reality?

Utt: I always knew I’d teach and write. ‘School’ was my favorite game as a kid. Kids would steer clear of my house lest I go all teacher on them.

WP: Do you often delve into the past to inspire your writing?

Utt: Yes and no. More yes than no.

WP: Your childhood fear?

Utt: False accusation.

WP: Do you know why the fear began? Was it a grounded fear, or a ridiculous one?

Utt: Recurring situations with dynamics of unjust punishment…

WP: What kind of fears held power over you in the past?

Utt: Not to go into the myriad terrors attendant to psychosis, I grew after Sz onset and in the thick of it to fear that my soul would be torn to shreds.

WP: How do you manage fear? Do you overcome it, does it fade away, or does it haunt you?

Utt: Suppression. Then it bubbles up from the subconscious, all icky with id.

WP: When aging gets me down, I recall something my dad once said:

“While getting older can be tough, it’s certainly better than the alternative.”

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