The Net Serenades Me With Poetry

Ok so first I go here to generate a random poetic line.

This time I get this:

In the moonless darkness of longing the seasons echo,

I copy the line by clicking and dragging over the text, then pressing control-c.

Next, I navigate my browser to this rad tool.

I click on corpora, then click clear over corpus 1, 2, & 3.

Then I paste my line into the input field of corpus 1 using control-v.

Now I choose a format (this time, free verse). The generated result is this:

Seasons echo, darkness of
Longing the the seasons echo,
echo seasons echo the
Seasons echo, echo the moonless
Darkness of.

Nice, right?

If you enjoy this kind of thing, I’d suggest you check out this Text Mixing Desk also.

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