Sunday Scribblings 2: Traveler

This Sunday Scribblings 2 word-prompt is traveler.

A traveler is what back in college we used to call a drink-to-go.

Like you’ll have five beers left when you get there, b/c the sixth is the traveler.

But that was a different day and age. We were young and wild and free (as the song goes).

Oh, crap, I forgot that the idea of Sunday Scribblings 2 is to be creative.


Burt reached into the backseat footwell for the traveler in the cooler, found it, and brought it to his knee and cracked it open. Mike flipped.

“What the… You can’t drink a beer while you’re driving, man.”

“I can’t?” Burt took a huge chug of the beer and belched.

“Not anymore, man!” Mike was emphatic. “What do you think this is, the nineties?”

“Well, it’s open now. I guess you’ll have to drink it.” Burt took another swig and passed the can to Mike.

“No open container in the car,” said Mike, thumbing the switch to roll down his window.

“Wow. Don’t you throw that out, Mike.”

“I’m gonna throw it out.”

“Give it to me.”

“It’s out.”

“You owe me a beer.”




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