“Yet Loving On – My Morning Prayer” :: A Poem of Substance

On wakings such as this

Following sleeps long


Long enough sleeps for me

To be in withdrawal from nicotine and caffeine


When I ache, sick for poisons

Reminding me of aching for you sometimes


And I do


Sometimes on such wakings

I do recall sleeping just so

Side-by-side with you

Your foot atop mine, our toes encurled to a point

And holding hands above our heads so that we made a double-arch

And laid there looking for all the world like a Hallmark heart


Or how we would both fit full-prone on the couch somehow

To look at those enormous books of paintings we had

That fat-padded burnt sienna beast of a couch we called Barnaby

Those incredible big books of Western oilpaintings there in Asia


It figures I would find you in Asia, born though we were on

Opposite planes of the planet and neither anywhere near there


Oh, not to be too ballad about it, but I did think we would make it

I thought we would make it




Wakings such as this


I know that we did


We made it, and I’m smoking morning cigs

As the tepid Americano goes down

Until I’m sick no more for poisons


‘Til I ache no more for you


Reality kinda kicking in, then, now, I might think, like

“What am I doing here, so precariously, obviously

In the middle

Of a


Poem –


At least

Twice as long as

Thus-far written?”


But on wakings such as this

Following those sleeps so long

Those long enough sleeps for me to be

Reminded of aching for you sometimes


I’ll try not to foil the poesy up by coming-to in the middle

Or by rhyming (except maybe just a little)

Or writing about writing

About writing





That it can be


A poem of substance!


Fit to enshrine these memories of you, of us

Into its reliquary, holy, where I’m saying your name but not with my fingers

And I’m saying your name again and again


Words of love – even such as these of love long gone

Yet loving on

Such words can be prayer

Or have at the least a similar power

Over me



Like this when I say

Good morning to you – hallelujah! and

Can I get an amen?



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