Happy Thanksgiving!

Good morning,

Thanksgiving again here in the states. I think I’ll call my mother.

She says hi.

It’s going to be a long day, I think.

I’m trying to work up a little list of things for which I’m thankful this year.

I’m sure I can do 10. Here goes:

1. Reading and writing all the time again after a considerable dry spell.
2. Found a voice actor to turn one of my books into an audiobook (The Boon audiobook coming soon! Contract signed sealed & delivered.)
3. Been receiving some encouragement on the writing – a crowd fave at yeahwrite.me and a 1st place at GrammarGhoulPress, as well as many kind comments here and there.
4. Recently hit 200 posts and 100 follows here on WordPress.
5. Over 6k twitter followers now. (It’s a bit tawdry I know, to take such pleasure in watching the old stats climb… but the numbers represent a lot of effort on my part, exploring and hobnobbing and networking to beat the band. So it feels like just desserts. And now that I’m applying myself to pitching in on a good cause or two, or three, hehe, the more connections I have, the more I can help!)
6. Parents still kickin. Nephew and niece growing up fine and strong.
7. Vehicle running like a champ.
8. Roof over my head…
9. Well fed.
10. Discovered that ppl like me who have Sz almost never develop rheumatoid arthritis for some reason.

There we go. Pretty secular celebration, just listing like this. I would say, thanks be to God, but thanking God for having 6k twitter followers just seems… off, somehow. Anyway, God be praised! I have a whole lot for which to be grateful.



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