Edit for Lee KiTae, GiCheon Instructor


To begin to train is to set out on a journey to a place few have reached.


Beginning the journey, one is already halfway there.


If one doesn’t stop traveling (training), one gets closer all the time,

regardless of how fast or slow one’s pace may seem

and, eventually, one will reach the destination.


I’m also on the way to that rare place.


Practicing is like walking wide-eyed in the dark.

People seek and seek, though they already possess the way.

The way can’t be seen, but can be done:

Not to grasp, but to be.


Some say the destination is always out of reach; others say it’s already been attained.

In full focus on the goal – in any environment (hardship, pain, etc.) – the journey is complete.


[edit for Lee KiTae, GiCheon instructor]

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