Uttley Gives Her The Helm

Wanna write right right now but sure to half-botch it

With slippin booty bass and a pretty shaky breakdown

She’s particular in temperament: delicate, fragile and invulnerable

As a petal of light twinkling in from a v. distant star

Of the firmament; finicky, eclectic, and plus

She’s got


Wanna to take it street straight to the bridge now doll

The deck over the water hey the helm you know how

To get to where the great wheel turns the ship!

And then I’d just hand her on over – not steer myself.

Say here you go, baby. Step right up. Haven’t you ever

Turned a wheel like this?

Wouldn’t you like

To try?

Why not?

It’s all you.


That will do, thanks.

So. Where were we going?

Ah, we were going to write.

Steering wheel

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