18 Right-Leaning Celebs :: I’m In Shock!

Just now, right after casting my (Democratic) vote, I found myself idling along,  looking at a recent post on amreading.com about bookish blogs, which I tend to enjoy.

Amreading has sponsored ads from other sites… so I noticed this promo for an article (if you can call it that) on a site which I would normally never visit (pollhype.com)…

And there, crammed among all the bells and whistles of the gaudy website, I found a long list of celebs who lean Republican. I am agog and aghast. I just have to share.

So here are 18 right-leaning celebs. The photos and blurbs are cadged directly from pollhype… just so you know that the atrocious writing is not mine.



David Lynch is known has one of Hollywood’s strangest directors. He’s certainly maintained a liberal mindset in his films. However, when he’s away from the screen he tends to have more conservative personal views. Lynch has been known to side with some Republican candidates because he is a supporter of the tobacco industry. The Democratic Party’s relationship with cigarettes has become a big issue for him when he goes to the polls.


Drew Carey is a registered Republican who has donated to numerous Republican campaigns. He’s dedicated most of his time and money to supporting Ron Pauls various campaigns. Carey recognizes himself as a Republican who shares views with libertarians. He often says he has trouble with both sides of Washington. But, he finds himself backing Republicans time and time again.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson has always noted that he has conservative views. Although he wasn’t born in the states, he has a connection with American republicans because of his religious views. Gibson is most known for his strong dedication to the Christian faith which influences his political views. He may not side with every Republican. However, he certainly connects with politicians who share his faith in God.


Bruce Willis admits that he voted Democrat in the 1988 election. However, since then Bruce has voted Republican in every general election. He is now a proud Republican who is a major advocate for second amendment rights. It’s safe to say that Bruce will not be siding with Hillary Clinton’s gun laws.


Kelsey Grammer became a star by playing a liberal doctor on the show Frasier. However, in real life he always sides with the Republican Party. Grammer has never been afraid to voice his conservative views. He even told reporters that he believes he lost an Emmy nomination because he is an outed Republican in Hollywood.


James Earl Jones played a wild and dark leader when he voiced Darth Vader in the legendary Star Wars films. However, Jones has a much more conservative and maintained voice when he’s off screen. He’s known as a strong Republican candidate. Plus, he’s even voiced his disappointment in the Obama administration.


Johnson started his celebrity career by fighting off wrestlers in the ring. But, in his personal life he fights for stronger education programs and American values. He’s considered a moderate Republican who tends to side with candidates he can relate to. However, he did perform at the 2000 Republican National Convention.


LL Cool J first hit the map when he was a hip hop artist in the 1980s. Today, he is one of the most sought after TV hosts and actors. Although most of his peers are Democrats, LL is known to vote Republican. He’s shown respect for President Obama, however he did back John McCain’s career in 2004.


Tom Selleck has voted for every party during his voting career. However, most of his contributions have gone to Republican candidates. Records show that he gave a large some to President Bush’s campaign. Selleck has also said that he is not in support of a strong federal government which is completely backed by Democratic views.

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise is best known for his roles in big blockbusters like Apollo 13 and Forrest Gump. He’s often taken on the role of soldier because of his strong belief in America’s military. His incredible passion for our troops inspires Gary to vote republican every time.


Adam Sandler is one of Hollywoods favorite funnymen. But, you’ll rarely catch this comedian making fun of conservative politics. Sandler has donated to a few Republican candidate’s campaigns including New York’s Rudy Giuliani. Today, Sandler has yet to support Trump but Rudy has become one of Trumps biggest advocates.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - August 13, 2014

Rourke has made a big come back in Hollywood since he starred in the award winning film The Wrestler. But, his popularity in Hollywood is often controversial because of his support for George Bush. He’s often said that celebrities should tone down their hate for republicans. He was quoted saying that he doesn’t blame Bush for the results of the Iraq war.


Vince Vaughn ran into some trouble in Hollywood when he fully supported the second amendment and conservative views. He is a strong advocate for allowing guns in schools in order to prevent mass shootings. Some believe that his strong Republican views have hurt his career because Hollywood is such a liberal town.


Alice Cooper has tried to keep his political beliefs under wraps during his career. He may play a crazy rocker on stage, but in real life he has very conservative beliefs. Cooper is a known supporter of Donald Trump. He has said that Trump is a doer and he knows he can do the job.


This longtime singer has repeatedly supported the right. He’s been a big supporter of New Jersey governor Chris Christie. Meat Loaf has also contributed to a few Republican campaigns. His most recent contribution went to John McCain in 2008.


Chuck Norris is known for his infamous round house kick. But, lately he’s been known for kicking around the liberal left. Norris is a strong republican who believes that it’s his American duty to support conservatives. He was known for opposing gay marriage in California along with many other republicans.


Owen Wilson doesn’t spread his political views all over television. However, he is known to hang out in Hollywood circles that relate to conservative values. He and his good friend Vince Vaughn tried to attend the Young Republicans Convention in D.C. Vaughn was not admitted but Wilson was able to attend.

Denzel Washington Visits "Late Show With David Letterman"

Denzel Washington is one of the biggest Hollywood stars to ever hit the silver screen. Yet, in a occupation filled with Democrats, Denzel has stuck to his principles and remained a Republican. Many celebrities shy away from talking about their conservative views. But, Denzel isn’t your normal celebrity. He’s played loads of liberal characters in his movies and still Denzel has never let Hollywood politics get in his way. He’ll certainly be siding with the right for the rest of his career.


Can you believe it? Maybe you can. I dunno… just goes to show you never can tell.

Tell me if you will – which one surprises you the most?


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