Back Across The Bridges :: A Haibun Confession

Bouncing around the old blog-o-sphere, jauntily jotting notes on post after post, hop-skip-and-a-jumping across so very many virtual rope-bridges loosely linking each islet to the next to the next that eventually whose little island I was on and about which post I was to muse I knew not, and neither at that dizzied extremity did I know that the vile viridian monster was about to rear its head. Jealousy! You see, what I saw (when once I had got my eyes to stop spinning spirals in their sockets) was something happening for a stranger the which I very much wanted to come to pass for myself. An interview! The now-deep, now-glib, long-rambling Q&A between she the striving writer and he the quick-wit press rep had me envying the rapport, the repartee of their exchange, a covetousness which grew and grew until I heard the green goon within me say, “It should be you he’s interviewing!” and before I knew what I was doing, I’d cut and pasted and pasted and cut and was fiercely, fiendishly entering my own inane gab into newmade blanks following all the interviewer’s  quips. Aye, I nabbed his questions for myself and fled, absconding with my ill-gotten, facsimile back-and-forth across the long sequence of swaying, swinging bridges until at last I alit on the isle which I call home. I had pulled off my mischievous Halloween trick!

Hastily I clicked

The pale blue publish button

Lest conscience catch up

[This haibun, if you’ll believe, dear reader, is the veracious tale of how I snatched Tony Lovell’s interview out from under Yeshasvi Mahadev on All Hallows’ Eve, 2016. Bridging post across to dVerse, Haiku Horizons, & Sunday Photo Fiction.]


    • appropriation of content… is an issue. I would never grab an original poem without permission, but I will snag the bulk of an article and drop it in a post with a cursory note linking back to the original post… is it theft of intellectual property? maybe this is not what you were meaning… but it is an issue.


  1. Well, well, well, that’s an original and mischievous interpretation of bridging the online and real world! Mind you, you only stole the questions, not the answers, so no harm done… I love your description of the dizzying, challenging blogosphere!


  2. To be or not to be jealous of good fortune. How often does the success of others bridge the chasm of what if. Splendid representation of the bemusement we all feel at times.


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