“Just interview yourself.” – KRS-One

Eugene, tell us about yourself and your Blurb Raffle. 

3 Problems: not enough blurbs, not enough blurbs, not enough blurbs.

While these three problems are very different, perhaps surprisingly, they can all be tackled by using web promotion techniques (social networking).

So the two main texts on offer so far are “The Diamond Grenade” and “The Way and its Adepts”… Have you published?

I will hazzard to say that I have now web-published these works.

The Diamond Grenade is on the rafflecopter, for heaven’s sake.

How closely connected was all the promo work you have been doing to the fact that you have been skipping class and getting behind in your homework?

I will not deny a causal relationship. But I’ll catch up, coach.

What impact has this promotional experience had on your psyche?

It has kept me in a good mood, continued, for almost a week now! And I’m very excited to see it grow. It’s snowballing good now. Lots of traffic, lots of hits.
Has this experience impacted the way you think about your future career? 

Haha, well I’m not gonna quit my day job.

Now that you’re close to graduation, what’s next?

Gotta work on my resume, I guess…

Looking back on your past promotions now, as your new one is getting underway, how do you think The Diamond Grenade BLURB RAFFLE will compare?

Oh, this is a new animal. I have never juggled so many sites at once. This is gonna be grand. I like to see people getting in on the ground level, getting their links on the rafflecopter early. It’s still a couple of weeks ’til the launch of the Book Blast.

And already “blurb raffle” and “the diamond grenade” are top hits on Google search? Impressive. Do you have any advice to offer?

Go hard early.

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