SoCs :: In Search of Lengthy Sh-Words


I just discovered that most words beginning with sh- are just 1 or 2 syllables long. 3 syllable sh-words are around, like shrubbery, but they seem few and far between. I shall continue to shuck and jive with the search engines in search of longer sh-words.

Meanwhile, please let me offer this poem, entitled [I am a shit shovel salesman]:

I am a shit shovel salesman
I travel town to town
You might well be surprised
How many doorway frowns
Turn to interested grins
As I explain
The power my products possess
To ease life’s common pains

Does your boss pass the buck?
Hubby blame the children on you?
And those kids – do they think only
Of themselves (you know they do)
Do neighbors fret and complain
When you don’t mow your lawn?
Do in-laws joke at your expense?
Does small-talk make you yawn?

Why then what you need
Is a good shit shovel
To clear the foul debris
As tools go, it’s humble
But needful
Consider this small-scoop jobby
For those for whom
Shit shoveling’s a hobby

But I daresay
By the look of you
Only the wide load model
Will do

Okay, so, i am not finding many sh-words over 3 syllables long. Two I have landed on are shitoutaluck (4 syll.), and M. Night. Shyamalan (4 syll.)… and now I am looking at popular baby names in Hindi haha. Lots of amazing 3-syllable Hindi names like Shahana (which means princess, queen, and ‘one with patience’) and Sharada (Goddess of Learning!)

Ah! here are some 4-syllable and 5-syllable ones at last.


Goddess Saraswati; Lord Shiva




A Goddess

And a 6-syllable sh-word? Well, how about… shallowheartednesses?




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