What Does ‘Universe’ Mean?

With each passing moment, matter hurls further from the center.

This is what I am given to believe, though I cannot see or test it.

But so then, at the outer rim of all that is, the very fringe of occupied space, every momentary expansion elicits new locations from former void.

Where once there had always been nothing, in this instant, something is moving in.

And my question becomes this: when we say ‘universe’, do we mean all of the space occupied or once occupied by matter or energy, or do we also mean all of the potential locations which have yet to be occupied?




  1. We can only observe the former but the light illuminating stuff on the edge of the universe also takes longest to reach us, so what we can observe there is implicitly the oldest stuff we can see. By the time the light reaches us, the information is already billions of years old. Far out, man!


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