I Am Not A Zombie!

Ahh… Tuesday at last. Tuesday is the end of my workweek. Hello, weekend – I’ve missed you!

I’m doing my best to muster some vim and vigor for these next couple of days off, when in actuality I’m feeling… less than peppy.

I’m just in one of those downward swings of my cycle I guess, where even though I have slept a lot (a LOT) in the last few days, I’m still v. tired. This physical fatigue extends to the mental plane, and I feel somewhat… zombified. 

I know just what I need to pull up out of this funk and get the words flowing: some prompt-words! Looks like this week’s Whirligig is offering these 12: 

voice, sing, trills, banal, primal, dumb, without, means, noise, plaintive, joyful, words

Let’s see – what can I do with these?

All the birds this Autumn day, how joyful they seem to sing

While my human mind and mouth are dumb – without a thing

To say. Where is my voice?

I pinch my nose and make a plaintive noise,

Purse my lips and whistle banal trills

I’ll get some words out if it kills

Me. “I am not a zombie!”

There! You see?


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