Ampersand the Kitten


{lies, flat, work, drop, call, keys, pattern, feed, ends, righteous, hold, easy}

It has become a pattern for her: leave work just as soon as it ends, race home to her flat, drop her keys in the bowl by the door, hold and feed her new kitten, Ampersand.

Ampersand is only a few weeks old and really should not be left alone at all, but what can she do? She has to make ends meet!

So today home she rushes, and there Ampersand lies, curled up in the sun slanting in from the window as usual.

Unlike usual, however, he does not jump up and run to her as she enters.

Oh God – is he dead?

Rushing to the window, she picks up the cat – nice and easy – and is weak with relief when he opens his eyes and gives her a righteous little “mew!”




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