It’s Prime Time :: #GlobalBlogging

This (Sunday noonish) is, like, one of the top three timeslots for ppl viewing wee ditty. The other hot times are Saturday midafternoons and Wednesday early evenings.

I once swore off writing for newspapers b/c yesterday’s newsprint is so much toilet paper.

But with these new mediums… yesterday’s post is still a going concern.

A magazine of posts has wee ditty become.

Blogging here at WordPress these past two months has seen me launch into #stigmafree self-promotion to the extent that both Storify and Wix have revoked certain broadcasting privileges. I’ve put in support tickets to both, of course, and my telephone interview with Wix is scheduled for the beginning of January. I guess they keep pretty busy in the call center over there at Wix! I can get an appointment with my General Practitioner quicker than that.

But yeah – I’ve been blaring Sz demystification and just my own birdsong so hard here lately that there’s some question as to the desirability and/or distribution M.O. in a couple of places. Oh, and somebody called one of my Ingur posts ‘clickbait’. That was cool.

Bloggery is birdsong. The trick is to keep listening whilst singing away. Birds listen while they sing.

I’ve been listening to the bloggers in linkups with me (what I call my homework) a good deal. I find their words generally profound and loquacious and amenable.

Thought I’d take a pause for the cause from hopping blogs, though, to hit my prime time viewers with a simple question:

What have you been blogging?

No response from prime time viewers.

Oh, well, I’ll just link up to #GlobalBlogging!

Then I’m bound to get a response or two.

Maybe I’ll change the question a little:

What has been blogging you?




  1. I like the way you describe blogging here…singing away while listening. My main focus for blogging has been about Sleeping! I am finally sleeping after 10 months of not sleeping, having to wake up every two or three hours it was starting to get to me! Thanks for sharing with #GlobalBlogging!

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  2. Very intriguing! I agree with Meagan. Listen while we sing! I’ve been so annoyed by political posts that I swore off them, just because to be honest.. It’s exhausting! I guess you could say I have been questioning what to write about, what my style is… I’m on a writing journey of self discovery I guess. Trying to figure out who I am as a blogger. It’s good to never stop growing. #globalblogging


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