Jay’s Valentine’s Once-Upon-A-Time


I went to see Jay today.

We talked and talked at one another, as we do.

He said, “One year, she said ‘I got black, white, and red. What do you hope they are?'”

I said, “She got black, white, and red…”

Jay said, “Yeah and what did I hope they were, right? So I said to her, ‘Black fishnets, white lingerie, and red… wine?’ And I was right! Haha!”

Not a joke as such, but a gooder and I actually believe him.

The things guys talk about, eh?

We were playing this game:


Before I left, he gave me some of his picks for NFL Week 11 2016, which so far I have shared with a group of predominantly British Mum Bloggers. Maybe I should rethink my targeting…



One comment

  1. Reminds me of a joke I told as a kid – there were two answers I knew of (and bear in mind this is during the 1980s):

    What’s black, white, and red?

    1. A zebra with a sunburn
    2. A newspaper


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