#MicroblogMondays :: Better Love Than Hatred


#MicroblogMondays asks “How do things feel for you a week down the road?”

I just vented a bit about the red-alert level of my concern for the USA in a #GlobalBlogging post, but I can expand on it a bit.

Apparently, a significant number of my countrymen are sufficiently stoked at the prospect of the new president-elect taking office that they are going out and tagging hate graffiti.

Must be the right time to campaign for the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Better to devote energies to love in the correct direction than to hatred of those in the wrong, eh?



  1. Yes. I actually just got a direct mail piece from Southern Poverty Law Center, which is now near the top of my end of year “to donate” pile. It’s not too late for some love to fight the hate.


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