Anti-MI-Stigma Campaigning Going Well :: Times Otherwise Grim :: #GlobalBlogging


I keep coming up with cooler ways to say the same things!

Find a few of my bios and profiles and book reviews on Storify.

Check out my latest Prezi presentation, “Going #stigmafree w/ uttley.”

I’ve launched a Twibbon your own Twibbon campaign.

I’ve also been enjoying Twitter more lately.

A friend said this week of my social media campaign to demystify schizophrenia and to combat the stigma on mental illness in general and to promote comprehensive mental health education, “I can’t find anything you’ve written. Just links to links!”

Haha. Remind me to make a list of links to more original material.

I’ve been learning to communicate in lists of links.

Speaking of original material, here’s a toast I wrote:

“To the first clap in a round of applause and the last pebble in an avalanche.”

We whose concern for the course of the USA is now on red alert b/c of who the pres-elect has turned out to be have not been giving many toasts lately.

Times are grim.








  1. How clever. A list of links! That’s great! Love that you are trying to demystify schizophrenia and stop the stigma on mental illness…So important and much needed. THank you for linking up to #globalblogging!!!


  2. Lovely post and I love that quote, the first clap of the applause and the last pebble of an avalanche. I can imagine there is not much applause these days. I think it’s so important to talk about mental health so that other people start to feel more comfortable talking about it. Thanks so much for sharing with #GlobalBlogging!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, thank you – I am really so proud of my toast, hehe! And yes, it certainly seems like an important time to talk about mental health. Really appreciate your visit.


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