Why calling off an engagement doesn’t make you a failure


Our greatest experiences are not our failures, they are gaps in time that teach us how to love our lives for what they are. They teach us to change our lives if we don’t love them, and they teach us to become humble in all decisions.

I will never know a greater love, but may I learn to not rush. May I learn to enjoy the moments as they come, and to live in that moment. This was another growing experience.

Kats Corner

There are instances in our lives that we wish didn’t exist. That’s not to say we regret they ever happened, or we wish we could take it back–because we don’t. We’ve grown from those experiences and learned more than we can imagine.

With that being said, it’s hard to picture what our lives would be like if they never happened. Would I have conquered more if it had not? Would I have proceeded to a different path? Which road would I have taken, which one did I miss?

But these small (or big) instances continue to light our paths, and while sometimes the light may flicker, it may never fully go out without realization.

There’s an instance in my life that many may not know about. I was engaged for two years. After a month of dating my significant other, we picked out my engagement ring. I remember him sitting…

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