Utttley Is Not Interviewed by Interviewer Aimeé Marie Bejarano



Interviewer Aimeé Marie Bejarano: she’s recently run an interview of Traci M. Sanders. Lots of terrific things happening in this interview! And so glad to be back to interviewing is Aimee Marie  that she doesn’t mind I’m hijacking her interview questions and answering them myself! “We’re back and we have another author with us today,” she doesn’t say. “His name is Eugene Uttley! He is author of some books! I’m not really speaking with him today so, let’s get crackin’!”

What made you want to be a writer?

I was just born that way – like the stuff inside a twinkie. “It’s just born there!”

Tell us your books’ genres?

Straight memoir & doubly-pseudonymous biography slash autobiography slash action adventure open case history of schizophrenic onset entailing break with received reality in yearlong psychotic epidsode. And the other book is just fantasy fiction. Well, maybe literary… fiction.

Tell us about your book and how it’s available. (Kindle, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, paperback or hardcovers)
We’ll do links later. At the bottom.

How important is it to read books when you want to be an author?

Not important. I mean I read a bunch of memoirs before writing two, but then I did not read a bunch of novellas before writing a series of five.

I have always been told that writers are children. After helping raise my niece, I did see she picked up everything! How many children do you have and how did you come up with this unique idea for your books?

Well, I’m childless by choice. And yes, we writers are children. As for the ideas for my books, I’d say that The Diamond Grenade just found its time, came to me out of thin air, as it were, whereas the schizophrenia books of course I lived.

Share with your readers, what’s the worst thing you have written.

Wow that’s a hard question. No – I don’t want to answer really, because the worst things need building up to. You don’t just come right out with the worst. Gotta get there gradually. First it starts to get bad, you know. Little off. Then worse…

Is there a message you’d like to send through your books to anybody in particular?

I’m into busting up some stigma – representing for some fellow-sufferers who can’t or won’t or for whatever reason don’t speak up for themselves as far as not being a dangerous freak goes.

What’s up with the posts on your wordpress blog wee ditty which are just colors & shapes?

I dunno. I just reverse search patterns and colors sometimes with google image you know, and want to share what I find! Like so…:

Search Results

Image result for ray of light photography
Image result for ray of light photography
Image result for ray of light photography
Image result for ray of light photography

What is one of the best projects you’ve been a part of?

A multimedia art show in a community kitchen. I got them to let me hang a poem – a palimpsest, actually, which bore the marks of a few revisions. It was cool to see my poem on the wall..

Do you still have the piece?

Yes, I still have that poem. It reaches clumsily for a zeitgeist which never was.

What is one of the best writing techniques you know?

Treat whatever you’re working on like a dirty joke for a minute. See it scrawled on a bathroom wall. Make it terse and to the gritty but ticklish point, you know.

Which part of the publishing process do you detest most?

Oh, I enjoyed most of the ‘self-‘ of self-publishing The Boon. And it’s a snap now with Amazon KDP you know… working with a small press was a different story. They had opinions. They wrote lead copy! That was the best when Pen-L worked up lead copy for Way Out! The worst, though? Hmm… Almost caving to the pressure to take it straight chronological in structure. I held out, though. Would have ruined the book!

Tell us how the atmosphere needs to be for you to be able to write. Example, music on or quiet etc.

Oh, you know, candles and incense, a little Al Green in the background…

What is this wee ditty you must have at your desk when you’re writing?

A little bit of tapwater in my coffee… Little bit of menthol in my smoke… Little bit of you to make me feel happy… Call me up at midnight, tell me a joke…

What is the worst thing you had to overcome in publishing your own novel? IF it’s too personal just make a generalized statement if you can.

Oh, first admitting to myself that no publisher would touch it. That’s a little like playing favorites or something with your children. Like, this one’s not going to make it in school like the other.

When you need some extra encouragement to whom do you turn? 

Lately, I’ve been able to turn to the comments on my blogs. That’s been great. So many positive people out there!

How do you market your books?

I give them away.

Have readers ever contacted you? If so, tell us the best thing they’ve said to you.

Sure, a few have, yeah Not in a while, though. Can’t get enough of that kind of email. Best I’ve had said was maybe reading your work made me feel better. Something like that.

Who do you trust to read your finished books before publication?

Haha. I’d trust just about anybody to beta-read what I’ve got going now.

Tell us all about your very first book signing. Take us there with your description of people, place, food, décor etc.

Okay, I’ll be wearing a hockey mask. No, wait. Triggers stigma. Must rethink. Maybe one of those jester masks from Venice… The people there will be chuckling half the time. The venue? Interior midrange franchise bookstore. Food is not served. The décor is intentionally sparse – a banner for the book over a table of copies to sign… oh, but coffee free for refreshment, door prizes, and smoking out back.

What do you enjoy when you’re not writing?

I enjoy my job. It’s a swell little niche for me.

Tell your readers what your favorite food and color is. Let them in to just who Uttley is.
Lasagna. Lasagna-color.

Lasagna color?

No. I don’t really like lasagna-colored things. Except lasagna.

So favorite color?

Yellow-based reds.

Now a fun game I’ll ask what your preference. Let your readers know what you love.
Hot bath or a hot shower? Shower, not too hot.
How long does it take you to take down your Christmas tree? Month, weeks?
I just have a little knickknack one that I leave out all year.
What is your favorite candy you like to eat during Halloween time? Peanut Brittle.
Do you open a Christmas gift on Christmas Eve? Do I? I Can’t recall. Okay, maybe two.
Disney movies or Romance movies? Disney by a landslide.
Nap time or a long walk? Nap.
Kindle or paperback/hardcover novels? Kindle for convenience, paper for the textile aesthetic, hardcover for keepers.
Turkey or ham? Turkey.
Thanksgiving or Christmas? Thanksgiving in principle, Christmas in practice.

Are there any mistakes you have made during the publishing process?

I’ve used two or three too-many names.

What kind of advice can you give to other either aspiring authors or authors?

Createspace. Smashwords. Amazon KDP. Amazon ACX.

When in doubt, who do you trust to help you out?

Random strangers.

When is the release of your next novel? Name genre or if it’s part of a series. If your book is part of a series tell the readers about the others that are out for sale.

No more series like The Diamond Grenade. Just found old test chapter of novel-long-in-progress, and thinking about nibbling on that a bit. Wanna read it? Link on sidebar of weeditty.wordpress.com

Where can we find your author page of your work to follow you and purchase books?
My Amazon page is:


And if you want to learn a few poetry-reading tips, relevant post here:


Poetry tips? How random. Well, gang, this has been another author spotlight interview. Stay tuned for more!!


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