Five Minute Fridays :: I Am From

commonNow you may think it normal for holidays to be celebrations – to give thanks for a good harvest for example, or express joy at the end of winter and the coming spring. But I can tell you, normal here and now is not normal everywhere and everywhen.

Why, I know a place and time in which holidays are for expressing disapproval, disdain, and even disgust!

Where there’s a day to disparage hatred, a day to ridicule violence, and even a day just for killing certain kinds of bugs.

Can you imagine Mean People Day, when everyone pretends to be ridiculously mean?

Would you participate in All Hypocrite’s Eve, going door-to-door giving advice you don’t take and espousing false beliefs?

Well, I have; in fact, it’s where I’m from.

five minutes isn’t enough!

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