8 Prompt Words, 8 Music Videos!


Challenged by Morgan Dragonwillow to consider ‘bathing in music’ and to

“Write for ten minutes asking what is good for your soul,”

using these prompt-words:

{suffuse, permeate, pervade, envelop, flood, cover, wash, fill},

I fill inspired,
yet a bit intimidated.
My musical education wash limited
to Choir class, a few musical productions,
and one piano lesson.
When I look back cover the eight word-prompts for this exercise,
I wonder: will I use them all correctly?
Yes, I am just flood by this challenge, and I mean
all the way down to the flow,
but I shall give it my best shot.
If I could put one song into an envelop, lick it, stamp it, and mail it
to everyone in the world,
what would it be, I wonder. The Sound of Silence, perhaps?
Or Ode to Joy as played on waterglasses, maybe…
My favorite song is Summer in Siam by The Pogues, but that’s not for everybody. Interesting. I’ll have to keep pondering what song I would send.
I’m not one to pervade around, blowing my own horn
singing my own praises,
but I do
have a broad and eclectic taste
in music.
Permeate me to proffer at this post’s end
a modest selection of tunes
which I hope might prove edifying.
Suffuse it to say that I do love music,
though I’m not one to make much of it.
So what is good for my soul?
A healthy helpin of silliness for one thing
Expressing myself, like this, sharing, like this…
And yes. The music!
Thanks, Morgan.


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