The New Millennium Nutmeg of Bija-rim Forest on Jeu Island in South Korea & Various Places I’d Go If I Had A Million Dollars


The New Millennium Nutmeg:


When I lived on Jeju-do, I would go at least once every season to visit the nutmegs of Bija-rim. My memories under The New Millennium Nutmeg range from kicking hackeysack with great friends to journaling alone for hours to my last mad visit in psychosis, having the trees speak to me and harboring wild delusions about them.

This week’s Sandbox Writing Challenge at Impromptu Promptlings invites us to imagine what we might do if we had a cool million bucks to play with. Certainly, I would spend a small fortune on travel – revisiting places like Bija-rim… and Angkor Wat in Cambodia


…the islands of Thailand…


…and of Halong Bay in Vietnam (O, Catba!)


I have always loved islands. The first place I lived and worked outside of my home state was Kodiak Island in Alaska.


I would buy a place to call home in Venice, too. Just a modest flat. And a boat.


Venice boat

My two charities would be glad I had the million. Planned Parenthood and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

There are some friends and family I would love to come through for, too. Chisel off ten grand here and there. Fifty for Mom. You know.

Where else would I have to revisit? The Rhine Falls.


I’d drive all over British Columbia again… in an appropriately rugged yet sporty rig…



What else would I do with $1,000,000? I would go downtown and round up the homeless folks of my city here and get to know them and help them out in big ways…

Oh, and I always said that if I came into some money, I’d get some more work done on my tattoo.




    • Haha yeah, the tat. It’s to be a mandala. Started with a little glyph inked on by a Thai artist using just one needle on the end of a piece of bamboo! Looks like what it is atm: a work-in-progress…


  1. So much awesomeness in one post! BC, Halong Bay. and islands. I also liked the talking trees.. they do talk to each other via their roots (and sometimes, fungi intermediaries) but we are still a long way from really understanding how it’s done.

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