#SOCS :: My Novel-Forever-In-Progress

The Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt this week is ‘novel’.

Novel… Novel? Novel! In progress. Oh yeah. I have one of those.

But where the heck is it?

I’ve been taking runs at writing it since the 90’s… paragraphs, chapters, notes, outlines all scattered across umpteen outmoded discs and hard drives and CDs and thumb drives…

Wait, I do recall pulling together a decent first chapter and submitting it to some sort of novel-in-progress contest about four years ago.

Email inbox. Sent messages. Rummage, rummage… There! “Corner Pocket” it’s called.

Yep, my good old novel-forever-in-progress. Heh.

Hey, thanks, Linda, for reminding me of this. Maybe I’ll take another run at it soon.


[click image to go to the challenge page]



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