‘Round the Stump They Run

It’s that time of week again, when the prompt-words come pouring in…

From The Sunday Whirl‘s wordle: Burn, blue, lose, conceal, race, red, lock, grab, bless, stump, vote, stick
From Sunday’s Whirligig: park, watching, dog, task, something, perfectly, breeze, sinks, tea, retrieve, coming, between
And from Sunday Scribblings 2: compose

Twenty-five words to whirl into one scribble… big thanks to all three sites!


Parked groggily in Saturday morning’s Barcalounger (O how perfectly my butt sinks in…)
I’m sipping a scalding tea & coming to my senses gradually while watching a cartoon.
It’s a race between a blue dog & a red dog, each intent on being the first to retrieve… something…
What is it that they’re chasing after? A fox? A hare? A stick with legs? A thrown bone?
Whatever it is, the dogs are in a dead lock, neck-in-neck. Which will win? Which will lose?
What? Now they’re chasing each other! ‘Round and ‘round a stump they go.
Well God bless. I guess you just can’t trust a couple of dumb dogs to keep to task.
Exasperated, I grab the remote & flip the channel over to the news
Only to find
A blue dog racing a red dog, each intent on retrieving
My vote
Suddenly my eyes burn
I grunt up out of the comfy chair and cross to a window
Heave it open and let in a cool breeze
Standing there, struggling to compose myself
I am hit by a thought:
What wisdom cartoons sometimes conceal.



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