Worst of Both Worlds

symptoms persist despite gross, sedating meds


Hi. Sorry to contribute such a downer of a 6-word status report today.

What I’ve been going through this week is pretty much the worst of both worlds.

Getting back on the meds has resulted in massive sedation (I slept from Tuesday noon to Thursday night – not just laying in bed, actually knocked out!), yet the stuff is not yet at sufficient levels in my system to keep me from having symptoms.

Around this time last week, I was on a kind of a high – writing like mad and reading and having a good time despite symptoms. Now, I feel like I can barely string six words together. Mood and energy-level have a lot to do with how well I cope. Off the meds, I can roll with the punches as long as I stay busy. Being sedated, I am just a punching bag.

I can only hope that by the time next Saturday rolls around, my symptoms will be under control, and I will have adjusted somewhat to the sedating effects of the meds.



  1. My most recent career (ie past, no longer present) caused me to interact (& hopefully help) many individuals in the same boat you’ve described in recent weeks. I can only tell you that I sincerely hope that things will improve for you. They can & often do. (You probably already know this.) Hang in there.


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