All My Uncles And Me

I was a liar of a boy, and I am a liar of a man
Though the reasons for my lying have changed
When I was a boy, lying was a vehicle for my imagination
And all my lies started with “I have an uncle…”
If someone mentioned airplanes, I had an uncle who flew
And I would tell all about him and his airborne adventures
If someone mentioned a war
You’d better believe I had an uncle who was in it – right in the shit of it
Want to talk big business? My uncle is a C.E.O…
How about life in prison? Sure, I’ve got an uncle in the big house…
My closest friends were onto my game of course
A guy can only have so many uncles, after all
But I wowed many a stranger, many a new-kid-in-school
With “I have an uncle who…”
Now I’m grown and still I lie
Pretty much every day
But it’s not to vent my overweening imagination
And it ain’t about uncles anymore
See, some ten years ago, I came down sick
With something with
A very scary name
The name is just a word
For a certain spectrum of symptoms
But just about the only time we hear it
On the news, in shows and movies
Is when someone runs amuck
Yeah, I’ve got schizophrenia
But you wouldn’t know it to look at me
And I’m sure not going to let on all too often
Not in person anyway
I’ll lie through my teeth, and say
I’m as well as anyone else
And every time you ask me, “How are you?”
You bet I’m doing fine



One Messy Mama


  1. I checked out schizophrenia. Evidently it varies for individuals but the article did say community support made a lot of difference as well as medication so I hope your poetic endeavours and your interaction with poets from all over the world give you some joy, a few laughs and insights to help things a lot a bit. I think all poets are crazy anyway….some more so than others (erhem! I will not mention at least 12 names)
    Keep writing ,have fun,she’ll be right mate,no worries….which in Aussie lingo means everything will be OK:)


    • You are so right mate. Just communicating with people makes it better. And if those people are understanding and supportive, even better. Funny you should choose the word ‘insight’ b/c that word is a clinical term in regards to schizophrenia. When one goes into psychosis and has delusions, the doctors say he loses ‘insight’. Interesting eh? Hey, thanks for your care and concern and for taking the time and trouble to reach out. You rock! (and of course poets are mad, haha)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is beautifully poignant.. and very brave of you to share. I believe each person is unique in their own way; schizophrenia or not.. trust me you are wonderful exactly the way you are ❤️ Best wishes to you.

    Lots of love,


    • That’s awesome of you to say Sanaa, thanks. I just got out of a relationship with a woman who wanted to change me a lot. It’s nice to hear that it’s okay to just be me. Hope you’re having a decent day!


  3. Appreciate your openness here! I think we all have some things that we keep to ourselves, and I guess most of us, when someone asks, say “I’m just fine!” We are all occasionally liars, I guess, in this regard.


    • Yeah… I just finished an accounting degree, and one of my profs would give me grief b/c when he asked how I was, I’d say “Okay”. “Why just okay?” he’d say. It’s easier just to say “fine”.


  4. I love your Uncles – what great imagination!
    Communication is key and unfortunately some people hear one word and make assumptions. Sounds like you’re doing great, despite the everyday “I’m just fine” line


    • Hi Tracey – thanks for visiting – I would agree about doing great, except for the fact that I have slept about 40 out of the last 48 hours! Just side-effects of the meds… anyway, #globalblogging rocks!


  5. I love the way you wrote this, I wasn’t sure what to expect, if you were going to be some kind of serial liar. Everybody lies, it’s just a part of our nature, to save face as they say. Lovely post, thanks for being honest with us! And thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama!


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