Zestful Ingestions :: Whirl, Whirligig, & Scribblings

Sunday again (well, Monday morning now, just by five minutes my time) and time for the old 25-word, 3-challenge combination! The Whirl, the Whirligig, and Scribblings…

The Whirl‘s wordle this week is made up of these 12 words: busy, class, velvet, light, curl, oil, drop, still, silvery, echoing, bowl, jealous.

The Whirligig poses these 12: insectivores, carnivores, herbivores, omnivores, lamb, feed, suck, chew, spring, anything, know, sometimes.

And the kicker word from Sunday Scribblings is this: watching.



From which inspiration I derive the following poem, entitled…


Zestful Ingestions


Insectivores must keep quite busy, for their meals are precious light

Carnivores, they must chew chew chew to grind muscle out of sight

Herbivores prefer spring’s new shoots, but they’ll eat dry hay too

Omnivores will eat anything of course, and I’ll bet so would you –

You goat! Haha! Just joshing you, you know

I’m sure you have utmost class, and that you only go

To the finest joints, to dine on lamb

But me, now – how I am

Sometimes – is really quite ravenous

I eat so much so fast in fact that I’d make a prize hog jealous

I’ll crack the bones and suck the marrow and lick the bowl’s insides

Yes, curled within this mild-mannered man, an insatiable glutton hides

Watching, waiting, biding ever and anon upon his chance

To make sharp knife and long-tined fork to do their silvery dance

To feed beyond fed on red velvet cake

With olive oil his thirst to slake

He’ll chow down until he drops!

And when the music stops

Echoing down the corridors

You’’ll hear his snorting snores

And when eventually I wake, hey – it’s just me!

But a bit peckish. Care for a spot of tea?


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