Hopeful Writers Write Their Hopes



The topic of discussion at this week’s Open Book Blog Hop is what we hope readers take away from our books when they read them.

I have three books published (under three different names), and I believe that for each of them I harbor different hopes as to what readers will take away.

My first book can only be described as experimental. The essential vessel is an open letter from me to the reader, and the bulk of the book is me narrating directly. I discuss my beliefs and experiences, how I feel myself to have succeeded in life, how failed, and why. All of which is colored by my condition (schizophrenia). Encapsulated within this vessel is original poetry and fiction, and a whole heaping lot of sort of investigative analysis of various texts, philosophies, and other phenomena. This rambling book is at once a case history, a memoir, and a showcase. For an ungainly glossary of topics touched upon, take a quick look at this blog post.

What do I hope readers of my first book will take away? Well, on one level, I am stigma-busting. ‘Schizophrenia’ is a word which scares people. I hope to win my readers over – for them to like me, or at least to perceive that I am essentially harmless as well as intelligent, compassionate, and rational – and thus to explode any preconceived notions they may have about what a person with schizophrenia is like. On another level, I seek to entertain and to provoke thought.

My second book is styled as a biographical account of my life, as written by a friend. It is much more of a coherent story with a beginning, middle, and end (though not in that order – the chronology of the book is intentionally wacky). Again, I am stigma-busting, and also seeking to entertain; what’s more, I am giving a sort of social commentary regarding the places and times which are the setting of the story, and sketches with some depth (if I dare say so myself) of some of the people I have known. So, in addition to demystifying my mental illness, I hope to illuminate social mores and nuances of human character.

My third book (a series of five short novellas, actually) is fiction. It is a romp. I hope only to bemuse and amuse – to tickle, transport and provide an escape.

The first book is free on Amazon at the moment.

The second is available in return for sharing a simple tweet or Facebook or G+ post about it.

The third is dirt cheap on Amazon.


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