Nowhere Motel


© Peter Abbey

Friday Fictioneers provides this photo to prompt a 100-word story.

Additionally, Three Word Wednesday this week gives us vapid, adjoining, and bouncy.

And then there’s the Daily Post word-of-the-day: smoke.

The freshly-painted motel looked all out of place in its neighborhood, which consisted mainly of vacant lots. It looked like it might have just flown in from another planet and landed there.

They had to park across the way and take a dilapidated footbridge over the street. The four of them walked in a tight clutch.

“Just don’t smoke in the room,” cautioned the vapid clerk. “The fine is like two hundred dollars.”

“Oooh, bouncy!” Audrey enthused naughtily, testing the mattress when they got to their adjoining rooms. She looked like she was giving the bed CPR.

“Rrowrr!’ growled Sam.


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