Wordle-prompted Prose Poem :: The Cat Was Right


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The Cat Was Right

Gripping the red stub ever-so-tightly, she spun slowly on her haunches

Inscribing on the kitchen linoleum around her a crude, irregular circle

Rising then from her crouch, she strode to the table and took up a tattered book

With her off-hand outstretched, still clutching the crayon, she intoned

Alexithymia! Bedizen! Schadenfreude! Kazoo!

From the countertop beside the sink, a large yellow cat cast her a reproachful glance

A long moment later, she let her hand fall to her side

Rowr, said the cat

That’s when it happened

Before her wide, disbelieving eyes, the linoleum began to buckle upward

In an instant, the entire area of the circle was a low, convex bubble

The cat hissed; the bubble popped; and there on the floor in the fetal position

Lied a smallish, svelte sort of man-shaped creature which commenced to twitch and groan

Its clothing looked to be of burlap. It wore no shoes. It reeked.

Said she presently when she gained some mastery of herself: What. Are. You.

Said the wraith with cocked head, through pointy-pointy teeth: I. Am. Here.

Why – she asked – to do my bidding?

The wraith laughed and coughed and spat

Perhaps I am here, it said, to seduce you

And it was her turn to laugh – a cackle

Where did you come from?

The Zone, it replied

What is the Zone?

A hive.

What will you do here?

I will search, it snarled

For what?

A way back, it replied

She drew herself to her full height and put both hands in the air

You will do my bidding! she cried

Lady… the only bidding I will do

Is to bid you adieu

And he turned and lurched to the door

Well give me something! A wish! Some gold!

The wraith peered back over a slender shoulder

Alright. Alright. A little keepsake. It reached into a fold

And produced a wad of filthy cloth, which it tossed between them to the floor

With a whine and a grunt, prying open the door, the wraith unceremoniously split

She scurried forward and pounced, unfolded the cloth and gasped to find

The half-eaten head of a fish



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