“Uttley Fully Disclosed” & Ghost Exposed


It has been a long good jam session of blogging these last few days and nights. I have changed the templates on my two main blogs (here and at Quid Pro Quo on Blogger), and I have done some satisfying graphic design and writing too, and have had the pleasure of fielding kind comments here and there. Gratifying and just plain good fun.

Then something surprising happened.

I was reading some article on Flipboard – that one by the Surgeon General, I think – and I hit the share button, only to find this insane list of different ways to share. I mean there were like a hundred little icons, each leading to some kind of social media venue.

So I started googling the weird names of all these sites. I found business to business platforms, academic hubs, sites in multiple languages that were not English… it was quite a ride. And along the way, I came across LiveJournal.

LiveJournal has been around a while. Since the turn of the millennium. And I’ve had friends who set up camp there over the years. But for no good reason, I never even checked it out. So today I did. It’s not very robust or versatile – only a couple of free site templates to choose from, for example – but it seems… nice. It will be interesting to see in the coming weeks what level of interactivity it has to offer me. Will anyone notice my page? Will I find any interesting LiveJournallers? Time will tell.

If you’re interested at all in my day-to-day struggles with schizophrenia, it will be worth your while to visit my page there. It is entitled “Uttley Fully Disclosed”… I don’t know whether it was the whole journal/diary concept that got me going or what, but I found myself disclosing details about symptoms and meds and such in a way that I have not done here or elsewhere. Felt good. I am on the brink of a kind of crisis right now, so…

Anyway, funnily enough, LiveJournal wasn’t the only place where I set about building a new blog today. I just can’t get enough of starting from scratch, as is readily apparent.


I also tried out ghost.org, and man was it ever lame. Instead of having a nice point-and-click formatting menu like everywhere else, Ghost has an interface which reads Markup language. It’s basically light coding. I gave it an hour or two, cribbing from a cheat sheet, but it was slow and frustrating going. I think the kind of person who would get into constructing pages on Ghost is the same kind of person who would like programming in obscure languages like the old stack-based Forth or Fortran or whatever. Just not for me.

What about you? Do you enjoy blog-building, or is the construction and maintenance end of things more just a chore or a necessary evil? Do you have any webpages laying around that you put together and then let go fallow? How many blogs do you have?




    • Thanks! I futzed around with a lot of different images before settling on the night sky. They say that there are about a hundred billion stars in the universe. Isn’t that something?


    • Hmm… Well, it’s arguable that every response to a stimulus is a choice, that we choose and choose and choose, which would make every new day an opportunity to make new choices, yet some responses become so ingrained… and sometimes options are quite limited. Like, do I choose the English language every time I speak?


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