Kelly Oxford, Twitter, Sexual Assault, and my Alma Mater, Indiana University

Okay, so: I fit into the following story in two ways.


Firstly, a few years back, I wrote a review for Edelweiss of a book by New York Times best-selling author and bona fide social media diva Kelly Oxford.


As you can see in Exhibit A there, Oxford has over three quarters of a million Twitter followers. Well, she tweeted a link to a flimsy little Weebly page of mine where the review was housed. My traffic meter pegged out!


By grave misfortune, I have misplaced the link to Oxford’s tweet about me. What remains is Exhibit B – a less-than-crystalline image which I just whipped up by converting an archived webpage to a .jpg and then cropping it and putting the crop through a filter. Forensics!


Exhibit B very conclusively depicts Oxford tweeting “Two early book reviews!” and the links to my page and another dude’s. Surfing the resultant tidal wave of visitors, I hurriedly placed the following on the page:


Honk if you’re here because of Kelly Oxford.


My paragraphs on Oxford’s new book were selected as a featured review by, which won me the honor of a mention in a tweet by Oxford herself.

I’m interested in who might visit this site because of Oxford, and what they might think of my review.

If that’s why you’re here, please drop me a little comment using the form below. You don’t have to use your real name or email….

Can’t think of anything to write? Answer me this: what’s the biggest lie you ever told?

Riding Kelly’s Coattails…

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I rest my case. That’s the long and the short of the first way in which I am connected to this story. Unless you’d care to peruse my review, which can be found here (in the counterbalancing company of another review of a book by a clergyman).


The second manner in which I fit into this story is by rights of having attended Indiana University (BA English, Psych minor), and living even now in that great state U’s near vicinity.


And now, knowing those two things, you may understand why I was blown away today to come across the following newspiece. (For details as to how exactly I found it, as well as a peek into the wicked crisis of conscience I now face, look here.)


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Indiana Daily Student staff members shared their experiences of sexual assault with readers on Sunday as part of a social media movement to put faces behind the stats of sexual assault.

Over a dozen reporters and editors shared their stories of sexual assault after being moved by Kelly Oxford, a New York Times best-selling author and social media personality.

Last Friday after a 2005 recording of Trump making offensive and misogynistic comments about women was released, Oxford tweeted five of her own experiences of sexual assault using #NotOkay. She asked others to share their stories, and thousands of people did, turning #NotOkay into a trending Twitter topic.

By Saturday night, nearly 10 million people had reacted to her discussion on Twitter.

Eventually, Oxford tweeted: “women have tweeted me sexual assault stories for 14 hours straight. Minimum 50 per minute. harrowing. do not ignore. #notokay”

Inspired by Oxford’s tweets, IDS staffers asked their readers to submit their own stories of sexual assault.  After a couple hours, they decided to jumpstart the conversation by submitting their own.

[…One such] account depicted an incident where [Editor-in-Chief, Alison Graham] woke up after a party wearing only her underwear.  She says she was afraid to ask others about what happened, and she never did.

IDS Managing Editor, Emily Ernsberger also shared her own account of a boyfriend who became too aggressive while pursuing sex with her.

She also struggled with the decision to publicly tweet her experience.

“This whole project was like just do it before we psyche ourselves out, we’re going to do this,” Ernsberger said.  “I hope other women speak out because you can’t silence yourself either when there are so many people who are doing it.”

So far, the response from supporters and others sharing their stories has been overwhelming, Ernsberger said.


Indiana University spokesperson Margie Smith-Simmons released the following statement regarding the story:

“Education is an important way of increasing public awareness around issues related to sexual violence and assault.  Indiana University is committed to the safety and well-being of all members of the IU community and strongly encourages students and employees to report any incident of sexual misconduct or sexual assault to IUPD or other appropriate authorities. offers general information and links to campus-specific resources.”


This newscopy, which as you can see I have shortened a bit, is attributed to AND .


I don’t know what else to say.


It’s #NotOkay.

P.S. if you use Twitter and would like to read the flood of posts with which women rose to Oxford’s call, search “ timeline”



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