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Desire and Urgency and the Blogging Game

One For The Moms


Hey howdy how ya doin,

Let me first say that I made the graphic above using Canva and it was simple and sweet. I learned of Canva from Beth Hewitt of The Simple Blogging Network. Here’s a link to her post about it. I must admit, I did not watch her video. I’ve usually got so many browser tabs going, doing so many things, that videos won’t even play for me. Besides, who wants to be told how to do something new? You just do it, right? Haha well, Canva makes it easy.

So why do I have so many browser tabs going? Thanks for asking! Well you know: email(s), facebook, twitter, maybe tweetdeck or, medium, some writing sites like allpoetry and wattpad, lots of blogs I’m exploring, linkies I’m still bouncing around on, even bloglovin and networkedblogs, plus my own dashboards and pages… Fact is, I don’t have just this one wordpress blog I’m playing with here. I have over half-a-dozen blogs of my own going at once. Oh, they’re dinky little things, but each has its demands, and they’re all interlinked and crosshatched to beat the band. I have great fun bouncing around tending to them all. Maybe you max out your browser too?

It occurs to me that most people probably do not expect to be shuffled from one site to another and back again in the course of checking out a blog. It’s probably irritating for some when what appears to be a menu of pages turns out to be a list of external links, all popping open additional browser tabs and such. To me, though, it’s all part of the… grand hypertext experience.

You don’t hear the word ‘hypertext’ much anymore. You know, as in hypertext markup language (html)… except at like, where Mark Bernstein & co. continue to conduct reanimation experiments on the choose-your-own-adventure book. Oh, and Hypertext Magazine is pretty killer too. Check out J.P. Chalmers’ headline from the current installment:

Intellectually Curious, Culturally Voracious,

Politically Engaged, Self-Aware,

Socially Concerned,

Energetic, Erudite Female

Seeks Same — or Better.

I mean dayum. That’s some smart copy. And that’s just the headline.

Speaking of smart, I’ve got to mention: I did something that’s really, really not. Probably everybody already got the memo on this but me, but… Disqus and Blogger don’t jive. See, I installed the Disqus comment system on a Blogger blog. For a while, it performed alright. Then I changed the template of the blog and reinstalled Disqus, and found out that it can’t sync comments with Blogger anymore. I guess it used to be able to, but no. No. So I lost over 50 comments. 50 comments! That’s probably a tenth of all the comments I’ve ever gotten. Gone. So frustrating. It’s as if my recent posts have all been stripped bare, and there they are hanging out in their underwear. Nightmare.

But hey, I’m linking this post up to the #SmallVictoriesSundaylinkup so I’d better try to focus on the positive. The sky is not on fire. I’m not in jail or in the hospital. It’s all good.

My for real small victories this week have been a handful of poems that I like. This graphic (again, Canva) has links to a few. Won’t you please check it out and let me know how wonderful they are? C’mon, throw a guy a bone. I just lost 50 comments. 50 comments!

Also linking to #KCACOLS again this week. Had good fun last week, so why not?

Oh, and #brillblogposts and #weekendblogshare too.

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Alrighty then – thanks for reading.
See you ’round the playground,


    • Well, there’s no pressure really, for me you know, doing more than one blog, because I’m not monetized or committed to any advertisers or anything. I just slop content around willy nilly. Quite enjoyable. Thanks for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Crikey I am in meltdown with one blog let alone multiple! SERIOUS KUDOS. I am a massive fan of Canva I have just paid to upgrade to professional and I love it! I feel real pain for you loosing 50 comments..I have heard discus is the devils work! I lost all my widgets and themes transferring but at least I could get that back! Eventually. Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS we hope you can join us again next Sunday x


    • Multiple blogs works for me, mainly because when I’m participating in a lot of poetry prompt linkups, I don’t want to overload any one of them. Like I don’t want 3 haiku posts a week here on wordpress, so I backburner those on Blogger. Say, I was just reading about the complications when you gave birth. Grisly! You are a super-trooper!


  2. How you juggle more blogs is beyond me, I can hardly manage one! I also love Canva as well. Can you get comment luv on blogger? That’s my favourite as an avid commenter. Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare. Please could you familiarise yourself with the rules and link to your homepage next time, not an individual post? Thanks


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