Coy Shadorma

I’d like to dedicate the following untitled shadorma with earnest respect to anyone who might be wandering through my webspace in the next few weeks, having clicked in from one of the many many linkies I’ve been joining, and who may be thinking approximately…

“What am I doing here?”

That said, I don’t anticipate receiving many comments on this lil’ poem, but I’m going to randomly stick a linky at the bottom of the post. Heh. Come on, why not? Please? If you do deign to link up, please do so to the home page of your blog rather than to a post. Cheers!



flung into the ring

he will play


unlike the like, madding crowd

how will they react?


  1. coy indeed. i’d expect to see that fedora cocked slightly, to one side, not quite jaunty, but on it’s way.
    I’ll bite. take your bait. for you are my 100’th follower, and this morning promise a bright autumn day.

    thank you for following me. i often wonder how folks find me, the whys of the ebb and flow of views, between two hundred, and non. Curious. Write on, my fellow.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am an elemental rising from your work. By producing and sharing so much wondrous poetry, you have brought me to be. Also we were on the same dVerse linky. hehe. Much obliged for your bothering to swing by and make a mark. Many happy returns.


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