#FiveMinuteFriday :: Just Park Already!

For weeks, I’ve been trying to help my friend learn to drive.

She grew up in Brooklyn, where most people walk everywhere and take the train, apparently, so she never bothered to pick up the skill.

Now, though, here in the smallish Indiana city where we live, hiking for hours and availing herself of the limited bus service has grown tiresome, and she wants to get behind the wheel.

She’s getting better. At first, every intersection was a crisis, and I honestly feared for my automobile, if not my life and limb, but gradually she has gained confidence and ability.

Except in parking lots. The minute she enters a parking lot, my friend seems to think all the rules go out the window. She’s in the wrong lane. She’s weaving. She’s not stopping at crosswalks. I’m tearing out my hair…

Just park already!


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  1. Hahaha! This was a great read! 🙂 What a neat thing for you to do by teaching your friend to drive and letting her practice in your car. I’m sure that means the world to her! Thanks for sharing this funny story!!


    Visiting from Five Minute Friday #50


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