Chasing Down Inspiration and Connectivity


Funny how the bloggy creative writing game often goes: finding an inspiring prompt, putting together a post accordingly, linking up, checking out other offerings on the linky, finding in this process other inspiring prompts… rinse and repeat!


Today, I was pleased to find that #ThreeWordWednesday is still kicking. Looks like the first time I ever linked up there was in 2013 – back when I was making a go of it with my own dot com, which was called UttleysTake. UttleysTake was good fun while it lasted. I did a few product reviews and giveaways and enjoyed generating decent content for the site. Eventually, though, I gave up the ghost. I’m just not cut out for the big time!

Anyway, I put together my post for the most recent #ThreeWordWednesday and then got to hopping around the other blogs on the linky, and what should I find but a cool post by Linda Ann Nickerson over at Nickers and Ink, in which she combines six (count em, six!) different prompts and challenges.

Chasing down the links in Nickerson’s post, I discovered OctPoWriMo and Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday, and – delving a little further – Stream of Consciousness Saturday as well!


The OctPoWriMo challenge to which Nickerson was responding is from the 15th of this month, and it consists of five words (melancholy, northern, blues, noble, elated) and a suggested form (Musette). The Musette form is new to me, so I had to look it up.

And with no further ado (phew, that was a lot of ado already!), here’s my stab at a word-prompted Musette:

Alaskan Firmament

Yves Klein‘s

And other blues

Like mine



Of old


Skies elated,


Barely room in the form to get all the prompt words in! Haha quite a challenge. Linking up, albeit a bit late, with the other responses to OctPoWriMo Day 15.

I enjoy the Musette. Here’s another I’ve made:

Existential Pugilism

The new



Fists jam

Into the bag

“I am!”

Her breath

Flies in the face

Of Death.

In closing, let me just ask… have you played this game (linked up with a prompt, challenge, hop, etc., and found in the process another linkup)? If so, do tell… and please don’t be shy to link a post in your comment! If not, well, perhaps now you have.


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