Rattle’s Ekphrastic Challenge


Rattle is accepting submissions of poems inspired by the above painting, “Family Matters” by Alexandra de Kempf. My take on the painting is called “Pollen”…


she is a kiwi fruit without its furry rind

and she is having none

of the numbers coming from the mouth

of the human face on the control machine

to which, somehow, all the same

she cannot seem to help but listen

poor woman, poor unclad kiwi

meanwhile the child

eyes shielded by cool dark shades

brain, too, protected – spiraled into a gray snail shell

yells and yells

equal parts babble and brilliant truth

all unheeded

on and on, until numbers and words

and the woman’s vain protestations

texture the very air

into which an exotic flower extends

a red, bold, hopeful bloom


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