The Authentic Graft

What does authenticity mean to you?

Writing myself. In my own voice. World-modeling from my own POV.

How do you feel right now, in this moment?

Launching an ambitious undertaking… Closing (always closing) a deal… Vulnerable to others’ ulterior motives yet admittedly harboring my own… Craving attention…

When you identify how you feel, do you judge it? Is there a “should” that arises, like “I should be happier” or “I should be reading that book”?

I should be creating art; I am bogged down in social networking, just beginning to achieve a tipping point into snowballing facilitation of audiobook narration and still hounded by doubt, judging my overweening, clamorous, even spammy attempts to muster interest in to be feeble, nigh on ineffectual, yet a push in a proactive direction all the same. Endeavoring to help others help themselves, and to help myself in the process.


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